Introducing Photo Mate R3 - Free Version

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Welcome to Photo Mate R3 3.2 - Free Version

We’re happy to announce that starting with this version we’ll release free access to most of the features of our raw editing app Photo Mate R3! The access will support most of the features available in the professional version including decoding and basic editing of raw files, cropping, exporting and rating of your images. Even stacking of images is supported!

Since the app is free, you’ll have some ads in the gallery and you have to watch a video ad when you want to switch to the edit mode. This is the only way we can deliver you all the features free of charge.
For everyone who already bought the app, you will still get all your features, updates and a completely ad-free experience just like before!

Of course, you can still purchase Photo Mate if you don’t want to see the ads, support the development or gain access to the full feature set available in the full version, which includes:

  • Luminance and Sharpening
  • Layer editing (Gradients, Brushes, Lasso and more)
  • Custom export presets
  • Organize and filter your images in a library
  • Batch renaming and batch export
  • Custom watermarks
  • Display calibration
  • Comparing images side by side
  • Show geo-tagged images on map

We hope that you’ll enjoy the free features and of course, we also welcome if you still like to purchase the app and support us.