How can I create Auto-Lens profiles?

Photo Mate R2 1.7 introduces Auto-Lens Correction features.

Vignetting (light falloff at the borders of the image), Chromatic Aberration (Red/Cyan color-fringing) as well as Lens-Distortion can be corrected automatically.

When you open an image and Photo Mate says "Lens Profile found" (Tab Lens-Adjustments), you probably don't have to do anything. Your Lens is already supported.

Depending on your lens, some of the features (Vignetting/CA/Distortion) may not supported, though. In this case, you can still refer to this tutorial.

Case 1: Photo Mate says "Lens Profile not found"

There are 2 variants in this case:

a) The "i"-icon can be selected

Press on it, and see if you can find the lens you shot with in the list. If yes, please send us a raw-file and the actual lens-name of the lens you was using via mail.

Check this by using Photo Mate, open the image and go to Exif-Data. If you see your Lens information (just the Focal-Length is not enough!), contact us. Otherwise, check the Exif-Information from your raw-image with some external software. If there is no Lens-Information, you always have to select the Lens manually.

If not, read ahead at "Creating a new profile"

b) The "i"-icon can't be selected

In this case, Photo Mate could not find a camera-profile. In this case, we also need the raw-file and information about your camera (if you have some). Otherwise we'll look ourselfs online.

Case 2: Photo Mate says "Lens Profile found"

Then set the checkbox "Use Lens-Profile". See what parameters are supported. If you can see that some are missing (like Chromatic Aberration Red/Cyan sliders are still available or Vignetting options are still available) you can read ahead at "Creating a new profile"


Creating a new profile

In case your lens is currently not supported or some important corrections are missing, you can help us supporting your lens in a future release.

First, please go to and check if your lens or the corrections are really not supported. Otherwise please contact us first!

Since Photo Mate supports the Lensfun-DB data, you can use their tutorials to create profiles. Here are some links to the tutorials.

(Don't get irritated by all the complicated formulars, at the end you can calculate all the values automatically!)

Create or Edit the XML-File

Put all the values together in a XML-File like described in the tutorials. If you edit a lens, we recommend you extend the current lens-profile and edit it.

Please also make sure that you add your camera's crop-factor. You can find it in the xml-files, simply search for your camera.




Send the XML-File

You've got two options:

  • You can send it directly to the maintainers of the Lensfun-Project. See the information here:
  • If you mainly need the profile in Photo Mate and want to make sure that you've it already in the next version, send the profile directly to our support: #mail

Please, just use one of the options! If you send it to us, we'll forward it to the project, so you just need to send one mail.