Set Color theme

Choose a different color theme for the app look (e.g. White or Black)

Maximum screen brightness

Choose the screens where you would like to always have the full screen brightness

Use Immersive Mode

When enabled, the android navigation bar and status bar will be hidden to have more real estate for Photo Mate.

Double Tap Zoom Factor

Control the zoom factor when double tapping on images to zoom in (e.g. 100% or 200% zoom)

Choose language

Use a language different from your current

Custom Exif Display

Use a different exif display layout (the exif information you see on top on the image).

Thumbnail Scaling

Choose whether to crop thumbnails to let them all have the same dimensions or to fit the dimension to the image size


Choose if you always want to see text explanation for all menu items, or just see symbols, or use the default (sometimes on, sometimes not, recommended)

Render XMP settings

When enabled, edits you've done to images will be displayed everywhere, even when you view the still un-exported image

Hint: May affect performance when enabled