This section explains all the individual, customizable options in Photo Mate.

Accessing the Preferences

While in the Gallery, go to Menu and choose "Preferences..."


Group Raw & Jpg Files

When enabled, the app will look for files with the same name where both a jpg and raw file exists. For viewing, the jpg will be used, for editing, the raw will be used. Changing metadata will affect both files. Deleting an image will delete both files.

Hint: This option does not affect displaying in the gallery. In this case, files are not grouped.

Hide XMP files

When enabled, the xmp files (files containg editing information and metadata for raw files) won't be shown in the gallery.

Use Recycle

Choose this option to use a recycle bin. When you delete files, they're moved to the recycle bin first. You can access the Recycle Bin in the left sidebar in the gallery.


Item Count Portrait / Landscape

Number of images per row in the gallery.

Hint: This value can also be changed by using a 2 finger pinch to zoom gesture in the gallery

Show Favorite Folders

When enabled, the left sidebar will always be shown when opening Photo Mate.

Show Ratings / Labels / Edits

When enabled, the metadata of the image is shown in the gallery.

Hint: These option may affect the performance when enabled

Default preview method

This option allows you to choose what happens when you tap an image. You can either directly open or edit it, or always show a dialog to ask for it.

Render folder content

When enabled, all folders will show small thumbnails inside with images they're containing.


Automatically add images

When enabled, all images you view or open will be added to your library

Keep missing files

When you disable this option, Photo Mate will regulary check which files are removed and also remove them from your library


Raw-Cache duration

Choose the number of days Photo Mate will keep previews of raw-files (for editing only). Using 0 will disable the cache.

Full-Size Preview

When enabled, Photo Mate will edit the full-size resolution for previewing. Only affects editing raw files. May causes crashes when your device has too less memory.


When enabled, the toolbar will switch position so it's easier to access for left-hander.

Lock orientation

Locks the orientation to landscape in the editing mode.

Choose your lenses

You can select all the lenses you own here, so when you choose a lens profile, you'll only see your lenses.

Export XMP presets

Exports all your current xmp presets. Useful if you want to switch to an other device or share your presets online.






Set Color theme

Choose a different color theme for the app look (e.g. White or Black)

Maximum screen brightness

Choose the screens where you would like to always have the full screen brightness

Use Immersive Mode

When enabled, the android navigation bar and status bar will be hidden to have more real estate for Photo Mate.

Double Tap Zoom Factor

Control the zoom factor when double tapping on images to zoom in (e.g. 100% or 200% zoom)

Choose language

Use a language different from your current

Custom Exif Display

Use a different exif display layout (the exif information you see on top on the image).

Thumbnail Scaling

Choose whether to crop thumbnails to let them all have the same dimensions or to fit the dimension to the image size


Choose if you always want to see text explanation for all menu items, or just see symbols, or use the default (sometimes on, sometimes not, recommended)

Render XMP settings

When enabled, edits you've done to images will be displayed everywhere, even when you view the still un-exported image

Hint: May affect performance when enabled



Set Label-Names

Choose the names for the different colors of your labels. We recommend to use the same names as you use in your desktop software.

XMP Data inside JPG

When enabled, Photo Mate will store editing and metadata information inside the exif data for jpg files. Disable it if you don't want Photo Mate to alter your original files.


Raw Decoder

Enable or disable the raw decoder.

Raw Decoder Quality

Choose the bayer interpolation mode. Recommended modes are PPG or AHD.