Stacking and Stitching images

This section explains how to stack (e.g. HDR) or Stitch (create Panorama) multiple images together.

Stack images

  1. Select all images you want to stack by long-tapping on the first image to activate multi-select, then tap on all images you want to stack
  2. Choose Menu -> Combine Images...
  3. Choose a mode to use (see Stacking modes)
  4. Press "Start" to start stacking


Stacking modes

Mode Usage scenario
Stitching (Panorama) Combine multiple images to a panorama
Average (Noise-Reduction) Averages the pixel values of all images, can be used to reduce noise or to simulate long-exposures
Median (Remove Objects) Uses the median value of each pixel across images, can be used to remove moving objects, but usually needs at least 5 images
Maximum Uses the highest pixel values of all images, can be used for star-trails
Minimum Uses the lowest pixel values of all images
Add (Bright images) Adds all the pixel values of all images, can make a lot of underexposed images brighter
Light-Compression (HDR) Compresses the lights and shadows of all images. Useful if you have an exposure bracketing and want to generate a HDR-Image

Notes and Tips

Some things to keep in mind when stacking images

  • Use the same image format (e.g. raw or jpg) for all images, don't mix them
  • Use the same orientation (either portrait or landscape) for all images
  • Use the same resolution for all images
  • Stitching and Median may crash when using too many images, try to lower the amount of images or use an other mode (like average)