Current Folder / Other Folder:

Choose the destination of your files to export. Use the "Choose Directory..." option to select a directory on your device.

Export to Sub-Folder

if you enter a folder, Photo Mate will create a new folder at your destination location and store the images to export there.


Choose a renaming-option. Use "Set New File-Names..." to create a custom name using the jokers shown at the bottom.


The Format your image should be converted or saved to

  • Jpg: Normal jpg image (4:2:2 subsampling)
  • Jpg (High Quality): jpg image with 4:4:4 subsampling (full-resolution color-channel)

Note: Exif-Data can just be copied if you export to jpg


Use "Choose Size..." if you want to resize the image

Apply Watermark

Choose a watermark preset from the list you want to apply. Please also see the information in the watermark section


This will post-sharpen the image. Only recommended if you resizing the image.

Existing files

What should happen if a file with the same name exists:

  • Skip: These files are skipped (not exported)
  • Overwrite: These files are exported and the existing files are overwritten
  • Use unique names: The exported files will be renamed (with a number at the end of the name), the existing files remain.

Render XMP settings

If this option is turned on, any editing changes you made to the images are applied to your exported images. In default settings, activating this option also means that real raw-decoding is done (otherwise, just the embedded preview will be exported)

Copy Exif Information to JPG

This will copy all exif-information from your original file (like date, camera, ISO, etc.) will be copied into the exported image.

Save Export Preset

Save all the settings as a preset for similar exports. Enter a name for the preset. If you enter a name which already is a preset, this preset will be updated with the current settings.