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Supported Formats


Full Resolution + Exif


Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Depending on Filesize Full Resolution (max Size ~20MB) or thumbnail


Depending on Filesize Full Resolution or no image

cr2 (Canon Raw)

Full Resolution + Exif

nef (Nikon Raw)

Different Resolutions + Exif

arw (Sony Raw)

Full Resolution + Exif

rw2 (Panasonic Raw)

approx. 2 MP

orf (Olympus Raw)

approx. 2 MP + Exif

dng (Digital Negativ, Raw Format)

Depending on "inner" file type + Exif

pef: (Pentax Raw)

approx. 1 MP

3fr (Hasselblad Raw)

thumbnail + Exif

raf (Fuji Raw)

Different Resolutions

mrw (Minolta Raw)

approx 0.3 MP

x3f (Sigma Raw)

approx. 4 MP

erf (Epson Raw)

approx. 0.3 MP + Exif


Notice: The list of supported formats may change.

Missing a format that is working? Please tell: Send mail


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